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Wall Cladding

Stone cladding is a simple and cost effective way of giving spaces a modern or rustic appeal - by using cladding you can save money and time. The results are simply awesome. Looking to re-fresh your living space or simply add some much needed rustic charm? There's something for everyone in our range of high quality stone cladding.

Our range boasts 4 styles - one to match every design scheme. From clean, crisp black slate, to charming oyster slate and the statement White and White & Grey mixed quartz - a highlight being their amazing sparkle due to the high content of quartz. What ever model you choose, each will modernise and re-style interior and exterior walls - their easy-install interlocking Z-shape design requires no grouting or specialists tools.

Fancy a sample? Samples are available for just 99p so you can the check colour and texture of any style from the comfort of your own home! 
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