Toasty, cosy nights by the fireplace or wood burner, the nostalgic sound of crackling firewood, an ambience and atmosphere that’s utterly irreplaceable….
Wait. You don’t have a wood burner? Woah boy, you’re missing out! Winter will be around for a long while, meaning not only will the sky be permanently grey, but being outside in the frigid cold will be an absolute chore. This whole winter situation is a little bleak without the escape of a cosy living room, to which a decent fireplace or wood burner is essential!

In case you didn’t know, a Hearth is the solid stone that rests under a fireplace or wood burner – without it you’d be saying goodbye to your carpet (it could set alight)! But this beautiful stone is far more than a practicality; the Hearth is the best part about having a fireplace or wood burner!

DID YOU KNOW: Our Slate hearths are 100% Brazilian slate, sourced directly from our Quarry in Rio! We know our stone, and we can assure you, we do not accept anything but quality Slate. I’ll mention more about our Quarry later in the article, but for now, I can’t resist explaining the gorgeous colour and texture… Well, a picture says a thousand words, so just feast your eyes on this!

The aesthetic of slate adds charm and style by the bucket-load!

So you may have already seen our stunning slate tiles and slabs that turn heads, inside and outside… well, our Hearths are no exception! We use the same quality slate for our Hearths, cut to 1200 x 900 mm, ideal for any living room. Want a different size or shape? Slate is easy to cut for any project – just read our guide!
The great thing about slate is it’s unique riven surface, which imparts charm on any property. Thinking of a renovation? Adding stone to your floor will bring a sense of nature indoors. Similarly to stunning wood tabletops, our Brazilian slate hearths glamorise your interior without seeming tacky and over-the-top. Slate gets the balance just right – it’s really hard to place artificial materials whilst worrying about creating the style, but natural stone settles right into your interior as if it always belonged.


Bring your redundant fireplace back to life

Unless you’re one of the few that own a new-build property, you’ve got fireplace. Most of us do! Long gone are the days of burning coal, so what becomes of these fireplaces? They’ve got a bundle of potential, but most people totally forget to make use of their fireplace. However, a fireplace is a brilliant feature piece, something that adds character and style to your interior, so it’s not something to just forget! If forgotten, fireplaces spoil perfectly good living rooms… well, don’t neglect yours – take your fireplace to another level with a slate hearth.

Find more interior inspiration!

Patios, driveways as well as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms all look exquisite with Brazilian slate, and you needn’t take our word for it – we’ve got hundreds of examples on our Instagram! @blueskystone – be sure to check us out if you’re looking for inspiration using slate.  We dare you to maximise the look and feel your home!

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