Why Us?

You may think it's a bit risky buying natural stone online as you should really look to view a range in a traditional "bricks and mortar" shop format. Well, that's true if you're looking at a vast range of varying quality and have lots of time to travel from place to place only to be confused by the wide range of qualities and prices and in many cases speaking with sales staff that don't really know much about the products
But if you're anything like us you just want something that really transforms the space, is ethically sourced, is of high quality and most importantly represents tremendous value - and of course you don't want to wait ages or pay through the nose for it.
Well that in a nutshell is what we have set out to do.

How We Do It

Claiming great quality and low prices is easier said than done, it breaks down as follows

  1. The source (quarry)
  2. The quality of the production process.
  3. Low operational costs

By investing jointly with our quarry partners and their production facilities, we are directly involved and can ensure consistent quality from batch to batch. We do not buy from lots of suppliers, but instead work very closely with a select few. We also keep our costs low by focusing on the essentials - you pay for the products not the gloss

Special Projects

Having our own production allows us to cater for "special projects" - so if you have a particular requirement that is "non-standard" you are likley to be pleasantly surpised how cost effectively we can produce this and deliver it to you. This is likley to appeal to

  1. Architects,
  2. Designers
  3. Property Developers
  4. Private Indivuals

Minimum order for production of speical sizes is 100m2

Our Pricing

Saving over 60% - without the middleman we connect you directly with our quarry partners overseas and have invested jointly in the production process to deliver CE certified products of the highest quality at a fraction of the price you would typically find.