Loving this smashing stone make-over – this area has been totally revamped with Grey & White quartz cladding. What better way to pack a room with style and charm? ⠀
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spli face cladding white grey mixed quartz
White and Grey Mixed Quartz Cladding



It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Wherever you are, the idea of heading home and sinking into your sofa should always evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, that’s why your home interior is so important. It’s simple – you can use Split face cladding tiles to create a simple and affordable transformation to your living space, breathing new life into barren walls and creating a living room that oozes cosiness. By putting love into your home, you truly love yourself!

Oyster split face cladding
Oyster Split face Cladding – Living room

Split face tiles are the future of home decor – in 2019 homeowners throughout the UK are utilising natural stone split face tiles to re-invent their homes style and create a new atmosphere! Slate split face tiles for example impart a sophisticated rustic charm wherever applied, especially for garden and bathroom projects, whilst Quartz split face tiles bring a glamorous sparkle to your home interior, bound to turn heads.

Oyster split face

Rekindle your bond with nature by reclaiming your garden

The most common question we get asked is ‘How can I transform my garden?’. Well, since we’ve helped thousands of people reclaim and re-love their gardens, we consider ourselves quite the experts! The answer isn’t rocket science – embrace stone. Slate split face tiles capture the feel of stone in a sophisticated, modern format, so it’s easy to find a place for them in your garden.

All of our stunning Split face cladding tiles are suitable for outdoor use, so don’t hesitate to transform your garden or home facade.

Get inspired by our fresh take on ever-charming Slate

You may have seen stunning Barn-house conversions utilise gorgeous natural materials such as slate – this unique stone has been around as a building material for centuries, always admired for its charming texture. Now, our Split face tiles bring that everlasting appeal to your walls! Nothing beats natural –using stone cladding for interior walls is a unique way to bring nature indoors. Unlike decorative wallpapers or painted walls, the aesthetic of stone never gets old.

The appeal of natural stone with added GLAMOUR

Quartz split face tiles are bursting with sparkling quartz crystals, so whilst possessing the rugged appeal of stone, they also have a alluring shimmer PERFECT for interior and exterior walls. Despite making an impact on guests, the eye-catching effect of Quartz stone is balanced by the subtle qualities of natural stone. Our recommendation is to apply these tiles in your living room – there’s plenty of inspiration on our instagram feed showing the transformative impact split faces tiles could have on your chimney breast or fireplace!